Retail & Logistics
Business Challenge

Set a challenge to participants and get a possible variant
of its solution at the end of the event

CoreTeka Retail & Logistics Hackathon is the event not only for IT teams but also for representatives of the retail and logistics business who understand their needs and are looking for new ways of increasing the productivity of existing business-processes by means of innovative technologies. Coreteka Retail & Logistics Hackathon is the possibility to present a real challenge to the teams and to receive the prototype of its solution
[ What are the purposes? ]
Solving of specific tasks
Search for talented specialists and
Search for ways of improving business
process effectiveness
Alternative to a tender procedure
Search for innovative approaches
to problem-solving
Business process automation
[ For what kind of companies? ]
Retail & Logistics Challenge may be interested for you
if your type of company is listed below:
(retail chains /
online stores)
Mall operators
Producer of goods/services
Logistics company (warehouse / park / distribution center)
Delivery service / Courier service
Taxi service
Product/service for a retail or logistics
If your type of company is not listed above but you are interested in
Retail & Logistics Business Challenges, please send an e-mail.
We will be glad to hear from you!
[ From partner
company side ]
The structured information
or a brief

- 2 -
A company representative for
communication with teams

- 3 -
Prizes for teams
[ From CoreTeka side ]
Assistance in preparation
of the technical project

- 2 -
Publishing of Business
Challenge on the site

- 3 -
Publication of challenges by
means of news media
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